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Your Mother

Your Mother

My “extreme” family photos have been a bit of a hit with local families (and a few less local) over the past year. They take a bit of planning and are a lot of work to pull off, but I think my clients have found that they’re always presented with a unique image that is truly “theirs.”

As with most family affairs, most often I’m approached by the mother of the family to produce the image. Sometimes it was the kids, or once or twice I’ve been approached by Dad, but Mom is boss and they’re the member of the family I interact with most.

As much as mom’s enjoy a unique family portrait for their family, I’ve also find that the nay-sayers, when I quote the work, are often the men.

Come on guys! Maybe it’s not a cool new TV, or a bowling ball that you can “share” but getting something like this for your wife is SURE to pay off for years to come. Print it out big on your wall and your wife will be like “Honey, that was the sweetest gift, what a great time we had with that photographer, Justin, guy… kiss kiss [adult content]”

See what I’m getting at? Mother’s day is May 13th this year which gives you *just* over a month to get her a gift. Make it something that will bring you memories for a lifetime – email me today: justin.vanleeuwen @ gmail.com

If you want to see this image larger, it’s over on Flickr.

One thought on “Your Mother

  1. Mom says:

    I like the hits of red throughout!