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Same day as yesterday’s post. These are the locks (lockes? Spelling help here…) at the base of the Rideau Canal in Ottawa. It’s nice to pop-off a series of photos you’re really happy with, sadly for me, they’re all very landscap-ish, and I’m loathe to be too repetitive around here.

Lovely weekend to be sure, now if you all thought I’d post on Labour Day and showed up by clicking your bookmarks, remember to actually subscribe to blogs from now on. Note to those on medication; don’t forget it over long weekends – your brain will have baby-seizures.

I don’t understand why cars and machines don’t just start jumping up and Transforming, maybe smashing a few things in the process. Sure, that could be more dangerous to the world. Or is it more dangerous to see my wicked pecks?

Iceland is basically a giant pasture for grazing animals (sheep mostly). The unique landscape affords some mountainous hikes, and it’s not uncommon to see a farm built right up into a cliff, with half-barn have caves. Sadly, many of the more photogenic locales I passed by on the bus (Like the abandoned barn & Silo […]