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I *heart* ♥ Lightroom 2.2. Seriously, Adobe’s Lightroom gives me flexibility Photoshop and Bridge never did. Take the above image for example – originally a cast-off for me (most of my Icelandic pictures were because I underexposed my whole trip “DOI”). But I decided to scroll through my Lightroom catalogue and just run some basic […]

Just messing around with shots from last June and Iceland, didn’t really have the power of CS3’s photo-stitch feature then so didn’t think about any pano’s at the time – still need to take something proper in naught-eight

An archive dive from my June trip to Iceland – playing around with LAB colour per Chromasia’s tutorial. What you’re seeing here is close to the top of the mountain I climbed (you can see the broken rock fragments I had to scramble up with my crumpler bag in tow) looking out over a secondary […]

Going through my Iceland photos I realize that I wish I hadn’t under exposed EVERYTHING. It really is a pity – it was mostly overcast during the trip and I typically underexpose by a third of a stop anyways – so everything was just dark and moody – like me, or Marilyn Manson.

I suppose on day’s you’ve been at work for 12 hours, haven’t seen the sun, and the sky pelted ice in your face as you walked into the world at 5:30AM you’re allowed to archive dig a bit. I figure a photo from Iceland (sans ice) would be appropriate. Iceland A land of less ice… […]

I always say these things look like vagina’s; and this is no exception. However I’m interested to see what others may see in this photo-Rorschach.

Wow, another waterfall from Iceland.

This is the most useless pipe ever. It’s obviously carries a high capacity but over what, 5 feet? Lame.

Even out of a violent explosive crater, life comes back, in the tiniest of forms. I had two wonderful paying gigs this week for my photography, maybe it’s not my pictures that sell things so much as it is how awesome I am as a human being – it’s like grandeur through association.

Yeah so I see these boats and I think about those little Russian stacking dolls, one popping out of the other until they get much smaller. Though I suppose this image would be a bit more comical if it was followed, by a jetski, a kayak, a paddleboat, a rubber dingy, a remote controlled speedboat […]

Hung out briefly with the man from Philly outside of Philly this past weekend, Brad from Wasted Photos, along with Attila, Jonathan Greenwald, Aaron, and Xtina. It was basically a big photo blogger gang-bang where we went around pillaging downtown Toronto with our shutters, apertures, and Canon L-lenses.

Attila got me doing yet ANOTHER thingie on the internet. I checked out last.fm and it’s as good as he said.Seeing as how I don’t listen to the radio, my exposure to new music is virtually nil, this is the first program/service that I’ve run into that truly allows interactivity and networking to merge into […]

During my entire trip in Iceland I was obsessed with the Unkle track “Lonely Soul”. It could have been because I took this trip solo, or because I can be quite morose. But it’s probably the last thing I listened to before I left for two weeks, abandoning my iPod at home. UNKLE – Lonely […]

Today is like the lull before a storm. A storm of pure AWESOME! Well maybe not a lull, Saturday is Ernesto’s bachelor party, as well, Brad from Wasted Photos will be in town and I hope to finally meet the man. Legend has is that just by standing near him, a man’s sexual potency will […]

Whoops, missed a post there. I took a last-minute offer to come out to Ottawa for Canada Day so I hit the road early Saturday without having anything ready to post. This is an image I edited in Picnik while I was in Iceland.Considering it’s entirely a web app, I thnink it has some pretty […]

Iceland is basically a giant pasture for grazing animals (sheep mostly). The unique landscape affords some mountainous hikes, and it’s not uncommon to see a farm built right up into a cliff, with half-barn have caves. Sadly, many of the more photogenic locales I passed by on the bus (Like the abandoned barn & Silo […]

This was a waterfall at the Blue Lagoon in Iceland. This is some mineral salt water that seems to pound down on you with the force of a strong masseuses fists. Though I barely felt it at all because I have the shoulder muscles of Goldberg

Skógafoss was the second major waterfall I visited on my trip, and the first place I set up camp (you can camp at the base of the waterfall, though I opted to move a bit back). I took many photos of it at the time, and the next day I decided to walk up river […]

Apparently the old Viking parliament of Iceland used to meet here, this was their spot, and the lawspeaker would speak on the law stone… or the speaking stone… or the conch or whatever. This is also the place where the North American and Eurasian continents meet… or split – geography’s all very confusing, but anyway […]

Reykjavik, for me, was a surprisingly dull city. Granted, I can’t party like I used to, so going out for the all night benders was out of the question (that and $10 pints are unappealing) I found the daytime city to be quite grey.Literally, since there was very little colour in the buildings and apparently […]

A day late for father’s day, but the caption for this one would read something like:“Dad, when I grow up, I want to be just like you…”