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Just messing around with shots from last June and Iceland, didn’t really have the power of CS3’s photo-stitch feature then so didn’t think about any pano’s at the time – still need to take something proper in naught-eight

5 thoughts on “Panorama-rama

  1. Jonathan says:

    This treatment works too!

  2. miklos says:

    At first I thought i was looking out of an airplane.

  3. faith says:

    this is really neat!

  4. Ruhh says:

    Phuck pro-stich. This is pretty cool. I may steal this idea someday. I forgot about site and haven't been here in a really long time. Your work/style has really come a long way.

  5. Justin Sperry says:

    I like this presentation of a pano A LOT! It does an especially great job of providing perspective on the scene.