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I *heart* ♥ Lightroom 2.2. Seriously, Adobe’s Lightroom gives me flexibility Photoshop and Bridge never did. Take the above image for example – originally a cast-off for me (most of my Icelandic pictures were because I underexposed my whole trip “DOI”). But I decided to scroll through my Lightroom catalogue and just run some basic funky presets I’ve been picking up and BAM! It just popped. I could barely see the flag before and now it’s tall and dramatic and colourful and blue… Anyways – I’m happy and I plan on going through the trip photos again just to be sure I didn’t miss any other gems.

Another reason to ALWAYS shoot in RAW – there’s no way I’d save a JPG that was a stop or two underexposed – shot with a rebel XT. If your Camera supports it shoot in Camera RAW, even if you don’t think you need it yet.

For those interested in seeing the original exposure – it’s here.

One thought on “Iceland

  1. Calusarus says:

    You're right about LT 2.2 ! And a nice treatment for this flag…