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District 15: Andrew King for Kitchissippi Times

District 15 - Andrew King for Kitchissippi Times

This was a self-assigned cover photo for Kitchissippi. Do I get to dictate what I shoot when I want? No. But if I have a good idea, and already make the plans to make it happen, it’s a good chance someone will pick it up

I was chatting with Andrew on Twitter, saying I wanted to photograph him outside his art show opening, I had pre-envisioned warm tungsten/halogen lighting coming from the glass facade and the cool blue of the overcast sunset. Overcast turned to rain, and we quickly had to move the shoot idea inside. Luckily, the studio space is all glass, and that helped fill in the blue I wanted for the exposure. As it turns out, shooting inside had the added benefit of surrounding Andrew with his artwork. So while the shoot was self assigned, I pitched the idea to my editor at Kitchissippi Times, she loved the idea, and thus a cover was born.

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