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Ottawa Editorial Portrait Photographer: Chief Superintendent CO Sharon Woodburn for Ottawa Woman

In Print - Chief Superintendent CO Sharon Woodburn for Ottawa Woman

While I always try to shoot for the medium the images will be used in, sometimes I can’t help myself when a good portrait opportunity comes along. Ottawa Woman is newsprint, which means an excess of dark, or black, will smudge the paper (and fingers) around it. So it’s best to shoot lighter coloured, white, or shadowless portraits.

But when I toured the fourth floor of RCMP headquarters in Ottawa, I saw this great lit back-splash that I couldn’t help but use as a background for the portrait you see at the top of the page. Chief Superintendent Woodburn was incredibly gracious at this point, as I needed to raise her a few feet to get the background behind her (below it was a reception desk). It’s not every day you get to ask a high-ranking officer to climb up on chairs.

I filled out the shoot with some interaction shots with other officers and that was it. You can see the header image larger over on Flickr.

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