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Off to a late start on the blog am I? Whatever. I’ve been busy. My very first gig, when I moved to Ottawa, was with the front-man for a band called The Adopted. We’ve gotten together a few times a year to hash out some ideas and do some band shots, which has seen us […]

Been a crazy past few weeks, no time to post, barely time to turn on the computer, and even less time to photograph. This is one of the final selects from the shoot I did with Cheetah of The Adopted. I’ve worked with him before, along with guys from the band, here, and they were […]

Saturday I had a great photoshoot with The Adopted on top of a roof in downtown Ottawa in advance of their new video. I had a few extra strobes with me this time learning from our last photo-shoot that two flashes on E-TTL ain’t enough. Though three is still kinda pushing it – I think […]