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Oh yah, just when you thought I was done I pump out another underpass photo! You’d think I was some sort of bridge-troll with all the time I spend under there; if you thought that – you’d be right! I’m gonna eat your babies!

The Prince Edward Viaduct used to be the second largest suicide structure in the world (just behind the Golden Gate Bridge). To stem the ease of jumping (and thus any chance of photography over the bridge) the city installed these 5 meter high wires which, imho, are effective, since suicide is the lazy way out […]

So I’ve got this Ms. pac-man table-top machine upstairs that belongs to my room-mate Dan. Some way, some how, while Attila and Jen were sleeping in the spare room, the glass on the machine cracked [read: they were banging on top of it]. The glass measures 55.6cm wide and 68cm long; it’s actually a octagon, […]