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Tina’s awesome. She’s nearly always happy (as far as I can see) world travelled, nice and tall, and has her own catch-phrase. “Are you kidding me!?”

New-Girl from work; Kasandra. One thing I find about shooting with the Canon 100mm f/2.8 Macro lens is that it EATS light. That has something to do with the optics for it to be able to focus so close (see yesterday’s “Eye Spy” photo), so I find myself trying to shoot it wide-open (but at […]

In my ongoing “Bachelor” series I bring you Ryan. He’s a total dreamboat working with me at the foundation. That’s right ladies – good looking AND works to save lives. He’s a bit younger than me, actually the same age as my brother who I never see anymore, so I’ve adopted him as my baby-bro […]

Same ass as this shot


I’ve had a hard time getting into any book for the past few years – I ease into a few, mostly re-reading those I already know I enjoy – but aside from that I’ll read a few chapters and put a book down indefinitely. Aaron, I’ll get your books back to you when you finish […]