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There are two steps to being a professional photographer: one is to value your own work, the other is to create work of value. You do not have to do these in order, but doing neither is unsustainable. The above photo I shot while on assignment for my local paper the Kitchissippi times. While it’s […]

These are the best two portraits I could get out of my kids after a solid day of trying. I wanted to try a few different lighting setups and, for lack of subjects, I try to stick my kids in front of the lens. Problem there is that the eldest is more interested in the […]

Quinn regarding the outdoors, eager to explore and share. Owen, fiddling and introverted. I think this family if finally rounding the bend. No major illnesses afflicting us, irritability and fighting are at an all time (this year) low – Owen’s having some trouble at school but he’s a pre-teen and if he wasn’t I’d be […]