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One of my favourite Editorial projects last year was a three-shoot series on “Rethinking the Art of Living Green” for Ottawa Magazine. It explored three different home-based (it was for the Interiors issues) lifestyles that are being explored in Ottawa. With a general theme on communal living, we visited an organic farm, a building in […]

In a world of potrable strobes, pocket wizards, and flash power units, the AA battery is, for me, the food that my gadgets feed on. 4 speedlights, 2 auxilary packs, & 4 PW’s means I bring at least 40 Double-A batteries with me for every shoot, and that’s just in the clip. Of course you […]

Iceland is basically a giant pasture for grazing animals (sheep mostly). The unique landscape affords some mountainous hikes, and it’s not uncommon to see a farm built right up into a cliff, with half-barn have caves. Sadly, many of the more photogenic locales I passed by on the bus (Like the abandoned barn & Silo […]