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Yesterday’s rejects = today’s post! Shot with a Lensbaby 3G on the Younes Bounhar 2009 Fall workshop. With the Canon 1DMKII still in the shop, and the temperatures hovering around -30 degrees, I’ve been trying different lighting setups at home using the G11. MANY of these images are either shots I think are cute (of […]

New haircuts often make me feel better because, apparently, I have one of them rubbable heads that the ladies can’t resist!

I suck with manual focus – the lensbaby has no other option other than – so instead of getting a cool shot of a little kid break-dancing, I nailed the girl selling popcorn instead. Mmmmm hmmmn.

A member of Samba Ottawa taken with my lensbaby.

Everything looks cooler as a Black and White Lensbaby shot!

So for those new to the site, maybe having come over from Photrade (welcome) I’ve enabled piclens/cooliris on the archives page. I’ve been using it in Firefox for a while now and I really think you should check it out – just a fun and immersive way to browse a photo gallery – though you […]

How many of you forget that there are awesome buildings in your city? I mean, they’re likely the ones with the tourists around them (Grade 8 grads travel from across Ontario and Quebec to visit Ottawa or, as was my case, Quebec City). But these are legit photo opportunities – if not clichéd, they can […]

So yesterday’s and today’s post aren’t the result of any photoshop Voodoo but the experimental wanderings of me and my new Lensbaby only fitting that I get a few new babies in, roughly, the same month. This one is shot at the shallowest DOF f/2.8 and it’s pretty soft as well as one of my […]