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As an agreement of sale on our new house, the front yard perennials were not included as chattel with purchase. So a few weeks ago the previous owners came and dug out all of the perennials – that’s right – everything that was in the yard. So we had a big ugly maple tree, some […]

I’m think I’m on to something with this… You can see an X-treme” version of this image here.

At first I thought this, but now I’m just not so sure. Not that I find girls kissing on other girls *hot* or anything, but they’ve got to take a break from kissing on me sometime.

Finally after another week of cold it’s dying down to warmer temperatures. I’m in Ottawa again this weekend so hopefully I’ll get to see a little of this action too! Well, maybe not so much of my buddy mike in the background; he’s gotta shave before he gets more kisses.