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Spring is in the air here in Ottawa. Which is basically the familiar musk of rotting leaves and the leftovers of many a dog-walker from the winter, I swear, it’s worse than Paris in my Hintonburg neighbourhood. That said, I don’t think Winter is quite done yet, there’s always some sort of snowfall come April. […]

This photo is pretty heavily processed, so it won’t be for everyone, but I wanted to get a feel for this Photoshop plugin I had heard about a while ago called Topaz Ajust. It can give your images that boosted, ultra-saturated, look that’s all the rage with the kids these days (I also, often, find […]

Sittin’ around growing moss – that’s about all I’m up to right now. In more exciting news? Demolition!

Oh, if only! It’s not spring yet, and Ottawa’s got a lot more snow to get itself buried under before we’re done (Yesterday’s a good example). P.S. this is a good thing, my goal is to take a nice photo of a big white snowflake before the season is done – I was just agoraphobic […]