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I’m proud to announce that I’ve partnered up with the much lauded website “Canon Rumors” in an ongoing series of reviews on Canon lenses, some bodies, and maybe other things as they come along. In some cases I’m reviewing lenses I already own, and have used for a while, others are new to me and […]

Strip lights are one of those light mods you don’t need at first. You get by with an umbrella or soft box because, really, you’re just lighting your subjects face or other important foreground details. Then you think “hey, their back is kind of dark” or “how do I light the entire length of their […]

Another photo from the shoot with art by MetamorFaces May Mazor. The model, this time Carolyn, wanted to give her boyfriend a special gift (he’s a football fan, He likes the… Tigers… I fail at sports). I’m pretty sure he’ll be pleased with the gift – I don’t know a lot of guys who’d turn […]