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It’s en-vogue to do a retrospective of one’s favourite photographs from the year. What sort of bugs me about this is it’s usually photographers selecting their own work, and why not? We got through it, took some good photos, probably more than a few bad ones, and maybe we need a bit of a pat […]

I don’t remember exactly when it happened. Around the same time I left my old desk job, started taking care of the kids full time, and transitioning into full time Photographer too. The time at home started out pretty strong, actually, I was rocking a new composite family photo – an “extreme” family portrait – […]

Actually, this was take one, but the previous image was the first to go to press – so I showed it first. Michael seems to be a natural model, along as a highly skilled athlete, he had no problem shooting off his own “blue steel” and rocking this shot. I would have loved to have […]