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While living in Ottawa is pretty standard fare for a “major” city, we are fortunate to be very close to some lovely greenspace… or this time of year, orange and yellow space. The fam and I took a quick expedition to Gatineau Park last weekend to enjoy the last of the fall weather. Of course […]

Family portrait taken in Ottawa. I hadn’t used much rim/separation lighting in the past (the light behind them), and as such I’m laying it on a bit thick on my shots right now. Like most things, it’ll take some practice to finesse it into something a bit more natural and subtle. I have a different […]

Stardom! What a fan-freakin-tastic last name. These guys were awesomesauce times a million. I showed up on time but Leo (the little guy) didn’t feel like wakin’ up – probably because he had a rough go of the party the night before – so that dude slept for, like, AN HOUR! No problem though, because […]

ND filters are the COOOOLEST. That and high f-stops. It’s like a special effect DURING reality. No photoshop required.

The park’s still technically closed, but that doesn’t stop people from playing around in the reservoir left behind by the snow runoff – which is kinda nasty – but hey, who am I to ruin a good time?

Why close a park in the winter? I understand if you’re not going to maintain the paths and you’ll just “let snow fall” but is it dangerous? Should I close my front lawn too? What lives under the snow in Ottawa that we don’t know about?