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My good friend and fellow photographer Younes Bounhar recently acquired some new toys gear and we both had a free evening to put it to the test. Except. Except when I finally took out my camera from my tightly and carefully packed bag, I realized the only battery I was going to bring, was still […]

What a rut I’m in – which is too bad because I’ll be leading the Ottawa Worldwide Photowalk in July – and I’d like to have something to show to everyone signing up. whatever – here’s another untitled photo – because, well, I just can’t muster it. I’ll be heading out with Erinn sometime next […]

It’s been humid as hell out here this week – I’m pretty sure it has been everywhere. Our new bedroom is on the third floor of an old house – no vents up here. I’ve drank my weight twice over in water in just the past day – and I don’t even really do anything. […]

I haven’t been so into taking the camera out this week, I mean, it’s been dark, I don’t want the hefty bag to wrinkle my shirts well before I get to work, and, well, my subjects are all the same. I’m not inspired to go out and walk around like I did a few months […]