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During my entire trip in Iceland I was obsessed with the Unkle track “Lonely Soul”. It could have been because I took this trip solo, or because I can be quite morose. But it’s probably the last thing I listened to before I left for two weeks, abandoning my iPod at home. UNKLE – Lonely […]

Today is like the lull before a storm. A storm of pure AWESOME! Well maybe not a lull, Saturday is Ernesto’s bachelor party, as well, Brad from Wasted Photos will be in town and I hope to finally meet the man. Legend has is that just by standing near him, a man’s sexual potency will […]

Reykjavik, for me, was a surprisingly dull city. Granted, I can’t party like I used to, so going out for the all night benders was out of the question (that and $10 pints are unappealing) I found the daytime city to be quite grey.Literally, since there was very little colour in the buildings and apparently […]