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Do you know how HARD it is to do a shallow dof self-family-portrait with three kids by the river? You can see some details over on Flickr. As a PC user (by habit only, I assure you) you might find it as odd as I do that you can find me, not once, but TWICE […]

I borrowed a rebel xt this weekend since the broken hand isn’t conducive to my normal setup (1DMKII w/ 24-70mm lens). It was a nice reprieve from the weight, but that’s the only thing I liked – I don’t miss the XT at all, changing ISO through a menu system, poor metering, and lazy autofocus […]

Okay so not really the beach, I didn’t actually want to spend any time AT the beach because drunken teenagers were running around drinking. Am I getting old? As the prospect of getting wasted on a beach in front of the sunset is, in fact, appealing, taking a time out to chase seagulls and throw […]

A much delayed post today – didn’t really have anything to post off my laptop, so I had to go on a roam to get a few shots. It was cold in Ottawa, but that didn’t stop me from a 3 hour hike, up into Hull (Quebec) and up the Ottawa River and back, safely […]