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It’s been a while since I posted a HDR image – mostly because I haven’t been shooting them. Some people hate the effect, some love the results. I find it’s usually pretty polarized within a few groups “photographers” and everyone else. See – photographers themselves are always polarized – which camera company, bag, lens, flash, […]

In my ongoing “Bachelor” series I bring you Ryan. He’s a total dreamboat working with me at the foundation. That’s right ladies – good looking AND works to save lives. He’s a bit younger than me, actually the same age as my brother who I never see anymore, so I’ve adopted him as my baby-bro […]

Yeah I just… I just can’t… yeah, no, no thank you, no.

I don’t think I have a set talent that I could perform comfortably in public. Unless you count witty banter and drop-dead good looks a talent (the ladies sure do!). I’m one of those guys that can *sort of* do everything I try, but none of it very well. The only thing that I am […]

Is it societal, as in “North American” to treat the roads better than we do the sidewalks? We plow them regularly, keep them salted, clean, safe. By doing so we are placing our priority on the automobiles that drive on the roadways, while burdening the people on their pathetic pedestrian walks. I know people who […]

In the past, I didn’t get ass. That’s not just a figure of speech. Not only was I a late bloomer, I just didn’t get the appeal of butt cleavage – boobs are just find and as far as I knew; more accessible. But now I have a lady with a truly (I can’t express […]

Same ass as this shot


Whose fine ass is that walking away with my 1D MKII? And how come that lens looks so good on it? Note: this photo was taken with the Famous, DDOI 10-22mm