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This is Dale. One of two Medical photographers at the hospital – I drop by their office sometimes to pretend I know stuff about photography too. I processed this image using the stained template courtesy of Lincoln at ides of may. If you haven’t subscribed to his site, you likely should, he’s one of the […]

Barb’s one of the most supportive co-workers I’ve ever had, she’s compassionate, enthusiastic, fun, and hard working. That’s why she was the best choice to be the president of the JVL Facebook Fanclub – I didn’t start it – but any narcissistic self-glorifying virtual edifice to which the masses may congregate is endorsed fully by […]

Yeah, so Jann Arden Stopped by work yesterday to promote One Night Live – no biggie.

I wasn’t originally going to use this stitch as my post, but then I crashed CS3 over a few hours trying to put these 30-odd photos together (anyone know if this is a processing issue, or a RAM thing? Cuz I can fit more memory in my PC) Anyways, this is where I work, I […]

I don’t understand why cars and machines don’t just start jumping up and Transforming, maybe smashing a few things in the process. Sure, that could be more dangerous to the world. Or is it more dangerous to see my wicked pecks?