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Sorry if you’re reading this in a feed – hopefully I haven’t blown your reader up. I wanted to show this shot WIDE because of all the great detail: A jogger running along the Rideau Canal, a couple out for a stroll, two people talking, one having laid down his bike and, dead-centre, a girl […]

It’s great being in a new city – I see everything with new eyes. Walking around Toronto, enough, got me bored, I was overlooking details, ignoring things that at one point I may have found interesting. I’m also a bit more inspired here, there are a couple great reasons to take pictures all the time, […]

I’m quite obsessed, or paranoid, about the cleanliness of my ass. I mean, it’s my bum right? That place is a completely forbidden territory.However I am intrigued by the concept of colonic irrigation, it sounds like that would make me clean everywhere.

My good friend William told me, at an early age, that if you try and hold your pee for five seconds every time you go, the ladies would love it and you would be “The Man”“Trust me.” he’d say when I asked why. That was over ten years ago now, thanks Will.

Even out of a violent explosive crater, life comes back, in the tiniest of forms. I had two wonderful paying gigs this week for my photography, maybe it’s not my pictures that sell things so much as it is how awesome I am as a human being – it’s like grandeur through association.

I stepped in a pool of water this weekend wearing my new waterproof hiking boots – they proved to be true and didn’t let the wet in. Sadly the bottoms of my *not*-waterproof jeans were damp for the rest of the day. Hopefully pleasant thoughts of the lovely weekend will help those whose week turned […]

WTF? This sink ebbed and flowed like the tides. Motion activated and (likely) highly wasteful, if you didn’t have to go pee going into the washroom, you certainly did once you got there. Also speaking of WTF, what happened in America’s Next Top Model last night? Jasline? That doesn’t make sense, she was *manish* and […]