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All Out

All Out
I used to be able to go back into photo’s I took months ago as an “archive dive” for posts on this blog. Now they just don’t cut it.

It’s actually kind of depressing – a lot of the images I shoot are personal, either for me or my clients, so I can’t very well share every single one here (you’ve seen enough of my kids right?)

I’m also steering away from shooting everything I see… I don’t quite have the eyes for it right now. They’re blurred with the pick-kid-up-get-kid-home-have-dinner-have-bath-go-to-bed routine that is our life with 2 children under 3. I know some people accomplish much more than that, but this is what I can get done at my speed.

Another factor at play is quality. I’m just more strict on what I display publically nowadays. Heck, I look back to the first – oh – 100-something posts and I’m like “those sucked” but I leave them because I think it’s a good indicator of where I’ve been and it can show anyone on what you can (or can’t) achieve in a few years of effort.

“Show what you want to shoot” is the saying, so I’m mostly going to stick with that for the most part. Of course I’ll still share the shitty photos I can’t help but post now and again too.

Thanks for hanging in here with me!

2 thoughts on “All Out

  1. angela says:

    now that you are over your momentary photographic angst, realize that this is a normal developmental jump for most photographers. especially those with major "real life" going on outside the scope of their lens. you just figure out how to make it work together. and, no, not tired seeing shots of your kids. but then again, i live what i shoot, so i may not be the best judge of all this.

  2. faisal says:

    cute baby-on-table shot! 😉