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Around the Bend

Around the Bend
I originally didn’t like doing too much in HDR – it’s Fake looking, I admit. But “fake” could also come to mean painted, and I think that’s what I was going for in these shots. I wanted to showcase features of the park – it’s highlights as well as it’s location – but I wanted to do it in a semi-unique way.

I really gleaned this newfound inspiration from Stuck in Customs who shares this view of “do something different”. And while HDR is nothing new to the photo community, and certainly isn’t to many of your preferences, I’ll lay odds that it’s something new and unique to the people finding inspiration from the Park, who may want to take something back with them that they can renew that feeling they had when they visited the park.

Prints can be purchased here: www.photrade.com/JVL with 50% of my proceeds going back to the Ottawa Regional Cancer Foundation.

2 thoughts on “Around the Bend

  1. timsdd says:

    The flowers are wicked. I can't even tell that's it's a HDR.

  2. Krista Neher says:

    Wow – great photo! It is awesome that you are sharing the proceeds with charities 🙂
    – Krista (VP Marketing, Photrade)