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Bikram Yoga Ottawa

Bikram Yoga Ottawa

I was recently contacted to shoot a very unique space: Bikram Yoga.

Bikram, as I’ve been told, is the progenitor of “hot” yoga. Which seems like a steamy mess to me but, Yogi’s be damned, you gotta make something tricky even harder.

The space is an old building at 71 Bank, you take this rickity small elevator up and, on the third floor, you’re welcomed to this delightfully warm rennovated space.

This was my first time taking my revised lighting kit, and I needed every pice of gear I had in there, especially in the front room.

It’s important for me to show a clients space the best it can be, the textures, the lights – in my mind, there shouldn’t be any (or many) cavernous dark spaces, which is why I bring so much with me: it takes more than a wide angle lens and a tripod to pull off any number of these shots. The image below shows what it would have looked like without any additional flashes.

Bikram Ottawa is a new studio, and they’re definitely looking for new clients, the owner, Claire, has certainly poured a lot of time, energy, and her soul into this venture, so of course, I want to see her succeed!

One thought on “Bikram Yoga Ottawa

  1. amanda large says:

    bikram yogis are the hottest. I have it on good authority 🙂 nice work JVL!