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It was Ethan’s birthday yesterday, I think he turned 5.
It’s seldom that my family gets together now that all the grandchildren have grown and went their own ways, we celebrate the new generation on their special occasions, but lost are the family barbecues, the Christmas gatherings. A few of us try and see each other socially as we can, the few of us without kids, but I’m sure that too will someday change, and we’ll have to reinterpret who is “family” or even whose names we know, and faces we recognize.

2 thoughts on “Ethan

  1. schmee says:

    This image is incredible; the emotion and composition are some of your best yet.

  2. David Little says:

    In that regard JVL take a hint to have someone in the family do the details of past generations before it is too late…I know from experience that this is a difficult thing to trace when a full generation before us is gone.besides it's neat stuff!!!..a tip from the old guy …as for the pic…you have captured a small portion of this young man's spirit well…good job