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Family Dynamics

Family Dynamics

I photographed this family a few months back, but we kept going back and forth on which image we’d use as final (my clients get selects of how they look so they can pick and choose the image that individually works best for them) – that’s the great thing about shooting a composite – we can always swap one “bad” photo out for one you like better.

I won’t bore you with the lighting details, I’ve gone through that kind of stuff before, but if you’re interested I have it all up on Flickr. What I will mention is how important walking in with a plan was. We didn’t book the date of the shoot until we had a solid concept of *what* we were shooting.

But wasn’t I just shooting the family? Sure, but we needed an interaction with them that (however loosely) made sense to them and displayed everyone’s character properly – that’s what these extreme family portraits are all about after-all: they’re about showing your family as it really is.

Again thanks go out to Lee, again, for being a reliable VAL and booming that light. BOOM BABY BOOM!

2 thoughts on “Family Dynamics

  1. Calusarus says:

    Very nice, specially with the playing cat

  2. faisal says:

    I love these composites that you do!