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Ottawa Interior Photographer – Open House

Open House

While much of what I photograph is editorial and portrait driven. I do have a good side-line on custom interior photography as well.

This house (I didn’t shoot exterior, but know it looked like a typical suburban cookie-cutter house on the outside), was completely opened up by the addition of a glass central staircase. Where it is now, there used to be a semi-curved stair and a ugly, big white wall.

It’s cool to see how a few simple (yet expensive) renovations can transform a house, I have no doubt the folks living there have a reflected feeling of openness now, when they’re home. Though, a big reno like this really puts my little bathroom to shame.

Project by RND Construction

2 thoughts on “Ottawa Interior Photographer – Open House

  1. Younes says:

    Great job on that staircase!

  2. Calusarus says:

    What an interesting lighting in this appartment