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John Koensgen – St. Nicholas

John Koensgen - St. Nicholas
This portrait session came up fast. Got a DM the night before via Twitter with Don at the Cube asking me “HOW” to take a good photo of John Koensgen, who is working on a play due out in October.

I asked him what he was shooting with, told me an old Olympus point & shoot. I paused, and I then told him I’d meet them the next day just before noon to do a proper shoot.

The play sounds interesting… Vampires are in it y’know? They’re so hot right now.

One thought on “John Koensgen – St. Nicholas

  1. from texas says:

    u dont know me but i am about to have an intense weekend supporting on a vision quest while going through some life tribulations myself…..yahooed "transformation". saw your picture. instantly saw me. thank you