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L8r Sk8r

L8r Sk8r
Today’s Faith’s last day at the Foundation.
Or maybe it’s tomorrow?
Anyways, she’s leaving and I’ll never see her again. memories

3 thoughts on “L8r Sk8r

  1. faith says:

    ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha XTINA I LOVE YOU and i haven't even met you. that's how i love though… blindly. it's a brown thing… never you mind.

    JVL… well… you're right… you'll never see me again. mouahahaha i kinda like you. and if you were a woman (an ugly one at that) i'd date you. for real. i'd date an ugly person. i would. i'd date a fat person too. not that you're fat and ugly.. i'm just saying. i think you're pretty dreamy actually (for a boy). but dont tell Mel that… she may beat me up… or eat me for dinner… or bitch slap me and call me Sally.

    yo. my mom says whats up and thank's for last night. she says that you scream like a little girl when you're "stimulated" (mom's words. not mine.)

    *pee on your face*


  2. iman says:

    ha ha ha i'm funny