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Misha Normand Garcia

Misha Normand Garcia
“Misha was pursuing his childhood dream and playing hockey on a scholarship in New Hampshire when, after a game, Misha collapsed. Rushed to hospital, the doctors soon realized that Misha had a rare form of invasive brain cancer: anaplastic astrocytoma.

He soon returned to Ottawa and saw oncologists at the Children’s Hospital of Eastern Ontario (CHEO). Throughout his multiple treatments, including radiation, chemotherapy and even a risky twelve-hour brain surgery, Misha would amaze the health care professionals, and those closest to him, with his body’s resilience, and his positive attitude even as he was sometimes getting sicker.

One day, physicians at CHEO suggested an experimental new drug treatment. Amazingly,the cancer soon started to disappear. During this time, Misha grew stronger and started university.

Unfortunately, the cancer returned aggressively during the summer of 2009.

Misha has been a regular on the oncology floor at CHEO and on the CHEO annual telethon. He became active in cancer groups like Young Adults Cancer Canada and he and his family volunteered with the Ottawa Regional Cancer Foundation. This included a passionate testimonial Misha provided in early 2009 to a group gathered to support clinical trials and experimental therapies raising more than $ 150,000 in a single hour.”

Today, at the age of 19, at 2:30pm, the Cancer he had fought so hard and for so long finally claimed his life. I had the privileged of working with Misha, his sister Meena, and his Mother Josée over the past 6 months, fundraising, volunteering, and finally, taking family portraits. Their last together.

The excerpt above is from a Legacy Fund establishment; the Misha Normand Garcia tribute fund. If you want to make a contribution, to let his family know they’re not alone, you can make a donation to the fund by clicking this link, click donate now, and choose option #9 for the fund.

I’m holding my son a little longer, and a little tighter tonight.

4 thoughts on “Misha Normand Garcia

  1. You take great portraits.

  2. Erinn says:

    Beautiful portrai to go with a moving story.

  3. Nicole and Normand says:

    Comment…A Chance To Dream "We are very pleased with everything you've done for our grandson, Misha, his mother Josée as well as his little sister Meena. The picture is absolutely incredible and the story is as always, extremely moving. "The flow of your words and the matter of factly way you describe Misha's experience is so effective and inspirering. I have since passed this treasure onto to others and only hope they get as much comfort and hope to donate to the Ottawa Regional Cancer Fondation. 'Prevent – Detect – Treat – Do yourself a favour – start today! Thank you and congratulations on your courage to pass this heartfelt message on; thank you very much for all the hard work!

  4. angela says:

    oh, justin…