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My new Assistant

My new Assistant
This weekend I tried to take some staged photos of Quinn, but he’s at that age where it’s not like he’s going to sit at his spot for very long. I gave up pretty quick – didn’t really have much time to adjust lighting for his shiny head – so we just “wung it” and had fun anyways.

For anyone interested, he’s lit from the front by a shoot through umbrella with a 580exII at about 1/4 power and (in frame) a Lumiquest Softbox III. There’s a blue-gelled 430ex to camera right at 1/16th to whiten the background or something but you can just barely make that out.

2 thoughts on “My new Assistant

  1. Brad says:

    Not to be taken the wrong way, but this looks like old JVL. No real sharpness and your shadows go DARK real face — almost like an increased contrast… oh, and theres's no santa claus

  2. JVL says:

    You're right – but he's cute no?

    Since it's not setup I had no time to get a fill in front. You can see catch from my umbrella on the right (reflected in the eye) but I had nothing to reflect or produce light to camera left since he grabbed the lightstand. MORE STROBES PLEASE! I kinda like the high-contrast but whatevs.