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Ottawa Editorial Photographer: iRun July 2012

In Print - iRun July 2012

Proud to say I have a lot of contributions to the most recent issue of iRun.

I covered a few impromptu “fashion” shoots, with some very lovely ladies (hot mom’s really), and then the kids came out after. As expected, the women and little ladies were the easiest to shoot while the boys tried to kick over my camera, throw themselves in front of the group and all-around push and squabble in some display meant to get attention, thus is the life of an editorial photographer.

I also got to spend some time with Nutritionist Korey Kealey and her family, The kids prepared a bunch of snacks on their own and yes, I got some of those crackers she makes – which my kids are now hooked on.

Finally, we shot Julie for the cover. Julie’s fast – REALLY fast – but she was gracious with her time for our cover shoot as I made her run back and forth on a particularly hot and humid day

Thanks to iRun and their editorial staff for all the great work this month and it’s fun to get in front of so many different and talented people – I definitely appreciate it! There’s also a special *bonus* image over on Flickr from a core stretching exercise also in the issue.

5 thoughts on “Ottawa Editorial Photographer: iRun July 2012

  1. Anna Epp says:

    Lovely Justin. I really like Julie's running photos, great location. And the fashion shoot is fun too! I need that peach dress 🙂

  2. faisal says:

    Thats awesome!!! Im speaking, of course, of the RED!

  3. Michel C. says:

    All great shots…including the ones in the Flick world. I especially like the diptych in your blog of moms vs kiddies…

  4. rem_la says:

    l'instant est superbement bien saisi

  5. Younes says:

    Nicely done sir!