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Ottawa Editorial Photography – Ron Tugnutt for Centre Ice

In Print - Ron Tugnutt for Centre Ice Magazine

If you’re a hockey fan, you probably have mixed feelings about Ron Tugnutt’s career performance. Despite some incredible games and seasons, he had a rough go at others. That said, he’s a hell of a guy, and was great to shoot on this editorial photography assignment for Centre Ice. He’s taken on some vested interest in a Kemptville-based team the “73’s.”

We came out to this shoot to prep and scout the location. We were hoping for an hour of shooting leading up to the start of practice. Sadly, Ron was driving in from out of town, hit traffic, and arrived just as practice started. It threw a couple of the more complex setup ideas out, but showing up early meant we had our gear prepped and locations marked and were able to rush the shoot down to about 15 minutes. Ron was a great guy, and probably would have given us more time, but by the sounds of the FPM’s from on ice (Fucks-shouted per minute) he needed to get laced up fast.

Another image from this series is over on Flickr

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