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Ottawa Editorial Portrait Photographer: Rebecca Leslie & Taylor Thurston for Centre Ice

In Print - Rebecca Leslie & Taylor Thurston for Centre Ice

I received an incredible editorial portrait assigment with these two incredible young athletes for Centre Ice a few weeks ago. We worked out of the busy “Sens Sportsplex” which houses 4 rinks, 8 teams at a time, and several hundred hockey parents chatting it up. It was hard to find any out-of-the-way spots to make the images, it was also tricky to travel with the gear. I worked with a single assistant on this shoot and I kind of get nervous leaving some stuff behind when moving into a different area. But that’s the job, we don’t have a lot of time since one girl is on her way to a game so I take the risk and pump out the shots.

What worked in our favour is that the girls knew each other well and were friends (unlike the “rivalry” suggested on the cover). So when we were trying to set up a shot on the fly, they were comfortable chatting it up about Justin Bieber, or Twilight or something.

You can see the original photo up on Flickr.

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