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As you saw earlier this week, I spent some time goofing around on a shoot with a few other local photographers. I may have released that image prematurely, though, since going through the rest of the images I relized they worked better as a group: no single image really reflecting the dynamic of the evening.

Kym, as pictured above, is past the half-way mark of her 100 strangers project. I find her images wonderfully reflective of the strangers she meets (many of whom are not strangers to me, because I’m totally cool) and that the sequence she often chooses to accompany a post serve to bring further depth to the brief story told.

I really respect the work she did here, obviously learning to grow personally by meeting all these interesting and unknown individuals, as well as photographically. I noticed her incorporating flash work, and quickly picking up her own style with no more than an umbrella, light stand, and a couple pocket wizards.

If you have a few minutes I highly recommend you tread through her previous posts, and meet some of the 100 strangers.

Lighting info for this image can be found on Flickr.

2 thoughts on “Relishing

  1. angela says:

    a peek behind the lens at the woman behind the lens – tres cool:) ( even cooler than you! ). that last shot is my fave…but i like the ones of relishing in action. you captured her great sense of simplicity and person in these shots.

  2. Jean Labelle says:

    Great lighting and a beautiful model make for an awesome shot. Well done Justin!