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These self-portraits can be really tough, luckily I was able to close the shutter with my gigantic unit.

4 thoughts on “(s)Pecs

  1. christina says:

    My friend Luc has almost the exact same tattoos. Not sure about this photo, maybe it's the chest hair or the shadows, or maybe it just seems kinda gay. I like his necklace though.

  2. faith says:

    Yea Christina, gay is the right word. Let’s comment on the pictures sexual preferences… your articulacy astounds me. cuz homophobia will make a world of a difference.

  3. Ameen says:

    GREAT use of light and shadow here. well captured

  4. clark says:

    Type your comment here.i'm not gay first of all their for my sister all my tattoos have meaning we are twins and she like stars therefore two stars i love them to death