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Saw this on the ground. Sitting in front of a bunch of big-glass buildings. See, reflectors aren’t just round things you hold in your hand. They’re any surface. If you have some bright sun hitting some red brick you’re going to get some organe glow off of it. A big white wall will bounce sunlight […]

I spent some time this week making arrangements and booking a lot of last minute portrait sessions and weddings, all of them based on referrals. It’s a great feeling to receive praise from your peers – praise coming in the form of recommendations: I can’t think of a better way to compliment a photographer than […]

And we’re back! Spent the past week on a brief repose in Toronto. Most of the time was with my family, and extended family for those who *ahem* managed to get back to me (props to Dan & Andrew Lieu for grabbin beers with me!) I travelled light for this trip. 2 kids under 3 […]

The title of this should read “I went on a photowalk and all I got was this lousy texture shot,” but really, I got so much more. This past Saturday was the 3rd year of the Scott Kelby Worldwide Photowalk, and the second year I was a group leader. There’s not much credit to take […]

I suck at many things. It’s easy to admit – nobody’s really good at everything are they? (okay, maybe some people ARE good at EVERYTHING but we don’t like them very much) One of the things I’m particularly bad at is marketing. Professionally, marketting myself would be the best option, it’s cheaper, it’s grass-routes, it’s […]

Just looking up and around with the G11 checking out all the lines.

I had a few minutes before my client showed up for a portrait shoot this past Sunday, but that didn’t mean I wasn’t looking for other photographic opportunities. While I don’t find the building particularly attractive, I was drawn to it’s lines and, in particular, their repetition. Hopefully I was able to capture something a […]

There’s still a a little leftover Ice on things here in Ottawa. Having to stay home, lest a baby suddenly burst forth from Mel’s womb, has afforded me a bit of reading time. Most of it (all of it) has been directly, or indirectly, related to the work of David duChemin, he’s a wonderful photographer […]

Ottawa was coated in a layer of ice. I could have gone out and taken shots a few days ago – but I didn’ wanna – it was cold and raining ice (I’m not stupid). Luckily today cleared up without losing the frosty charm of the past few days. In this shot you can see […]

I think I’ve already taken more photos with the G11 than I ever had with the LX3. The G11 is a working photogs camera, LX3… for pretty-boys. Granted, I have been a bit more happy with the abstracts I’ve gotten than anything else… but it’s so grey and dull outside I find it hard to […]

I am TERRIBLE at coming up with names for my more abstract images, good thing there are musical artists out there with a more inspired vernacular. This was a slight downward pan shot, hand-held I think since my tripod wouldn’t ease my camera down straight.

I need a face camera – something that takes pictures directly from my eyes. Yes, I understand that cameras currently work in this way, but what I mean is that Quinn (pictured) never looks at the camera the same way that he looks at my eyes, and it’s truly a difference that I will work […]

It’s so nice to be able to walk to work. Some people are like “Half an hour?” oh no! Those people obviously aren’t from Toronto – maybe it will get tougher after some serious snowfall, but it’s nothing, shit, I used to walk half an hour to my bus stop…