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I think I’ve already taken more photos with the G11 than I ever had with the LX3. The G11 is a working photogs camera, LX3… for pretty-boys.

Granted, I have been a bit more happy with the abstracts I’ve gotten than anything else… but it’s so grey and dull outside I find it hard to be motivated to take images of anything BUT abstracts.

What have you been noticing after fall, and before the snow? Branches? Dry leaves? indoor raves? I’d love to see what people out there are taking photos of right now – post a link in the comments and we can all take a look.

One thought on “Hypnotize

  1. Eugene says:

    Wow, a very cool abstract photo!

    It's still warm in the Atlanta area, but I did capture a few snaps of our autumn here: http://elbelbelb2000.blogtog.com/archives/6297_1579073640/339347 and http://elbelbelb2000.blogtog.com/archives/6297_1579073640/339313

    How cold is it where you are right now?