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Drop is due

Drop is due
A drop is due. A drop in the way we do business, a drop in what people say. It’s happening right now.

Right now people are more honest, and up front with each other, online, than ever before. Transparnecy is key, it’s expected; the minute something is viewed as a sales pitch or anything less than honest it loses points in credibility.

I viewed a presentation on Saturday that, I believe, was a contradictory blend of both. While I believe the salesman to be sincere in her personal accountings of the product, I didn’t buy into the formal presentation – the pitch. They read of tech specs, and price points, and blah blah blah – overt and unimpressive. But… but when the salesman told us about what he had at home, how he used the product, I could see possibilities, I could see why I wanted, or needed, or should use the product. It was the personal recommendation that sold me – not the manufactured wordings of an industry. Which is what salesmanship has been about this whole time, word of mouth, talking, human interaction.

Yeah, I can research all the random specifications I want on a product, you can read them to me in a fancy presentation too, but if we don’t have the human justification, the “I tried it too” to back it up – I still don’t give a shit.

3 thoughts on “Drop is due

  1. Calusarus says:

    Wonderful details here

  2. faisal says:

    niiiice! love the red.

  3. aiGi.boGa says:

    Magníficas gotas y color¡¡¡