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My Heart

My Heart
I haven’t been able to post much this week and it’s breaking my heart but if you lived in Ottawa (or Ontario for that matter) you’d know – the heat’s a big detractor.

I seem to have this bad habit of putting my computer systems in the hotest possible location of my house. In Toronto it was the room with the weak vent, less touched by the central air. In Ottawa’s it’s the third floor of our 100 year old house. Sure, we have AC, but none on the third freaking floor… at least not one that’s going to beat the 30 plus degrees of humidity. So to spare you the details of how I need to peel myself off my office chair every time I shift positions, let’s just say I’m making a sacrifice just to jot something down.

One thought on “My Heart

  1. faisal says:

    aaaw purty flowers. youre going soft on us! 🙂 Love the colours!