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I’ve been ripping off inspired by a friends photos this week – or at least the few I took over the weekend of my kids – it was one of the few we didn’t have plans and one I wasn’t shooting/processing a wedding. Check out Angela’s Flickr stream when you get a chance for some […]

I haven’t been able to post much this week and it’s breaking my heart but if you lived in Ottawa (or Ontario for that matter) you’d know – the heat’s a big detractor. I seem to have this bad habit of putting my computer systems in the hotest possible location of my house. In Toronto […]

Walking West on Carling Ave, Ottawa, ON I read on

It’s day 48 of the Ottawa Transit strike, and aside from being unable to consistently buy groceries, I couldn’t care less. In Toronto I would have been completely home-bound without recourse – everything is too far away. But I live centrally in Ottawa enough that I can manage I can walk to most places I […]

WAIT! I have something for Christmas – though this idea is blatantly stolen borrowed from Wasted Photos and Detour, basically because I wanted to feel included…So really you should just see their pics because they’re much better than mine. Peace and love, and expect some MACRO shots very soon because Mel Quinn got me the […]