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What a pleasure it was to walk into my local craft beer brewer – Beyond the Pale – one day and have them ask me to take updated photos for their website. “You want me to do beer photography? Yes. Yes I will.”

Part 2 of 6 After a few too many drinks one night, Paige Cutland decided to start a brewery: Hogsback. The first subject of my series produced for Ottawa Magazine, we were to meet with Paige at the “Keggerator” which, unlike a home one, holds *all* the kegs for the market. This location was a […]

I was invited to the launch party of Spacing Ottawa on Wednesday. Spacing is an urban space magazine, or at least that’s how I like to label it; they talk about cities, the suburbs, how we interact with them and potentially good and bad ideas that occur within them. They have blogs in Atlantic Canada, […]

Just screwing around with my 50mm and shallow dof – taking part in the two things I love to do most: drink and take pictures. Thanks again for all the comments yesterday – I appreciate the feedback. Especially Sterling – very insightful…

Like this one from last month only worse. That’s an Italian Sausage, ground beef (leftover from burrito night) medley topped with a generous heaping of Western Creamery Sour Cream; beside three fried eggs – in case you were wondering. Special birthday wishes to Janet, Rainbow, and, of course, my mom.

How many times can I post a photo of Guiness? As many as I can drink!

Chicken with beer inserted into anus = delicious. Came back to T.O. from a celebratory “Mel’s birthday week” which was full of great and awesome. It’s odd travelling back home FOR the weekend, I begrudgingly had to leave my ladies’ side to attend a funeral wedding today.