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Ottawa’s 95 bus. Takes people accross the city, on a journey… …A stinky, cramped journey.

There’s a transit strike on in Ottawa right now, and while it doesn’t affect me directly (I’m fortunate enough to be able to walk to work) it certainly has had it’s impact on the city. Commerce is down, people aren’t shopping at the mall, and the roads are congested all day. I actually walked by […]

My bus route is hit and miss – if I catch the right bus at the right time – I’m at work within the hour. But if I miss it, and wait (or sleep in as the case often is) I’m looking at a two hour journey across the city. It’s daunting really, because that’s […]

I’ve been posting a lot of Black and White’s lately, which is probably the result of two things: 1 a black and white photo, IMHO, can save a normally uninteresting photo (or a poor quality one); digital noise, poor exposure etc.The other reason could be that the colours are just dull right now, I’m not […]