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It’s hard to resist the temptation of budding flowers when you’re taking photos. Even when, typically, you pass over the shots of petals and stems you typically see online. But here we are, with 3 photos this week, all with flowers. Thankfully – you can stick around only as long as you like 😉 Special […]

An informal poll, if you’ll humour me, when you come and visit this site, and I know that you do – Mom – Are you coming here to read what I write at all? Because I realized I don’t really have a mode, or a goal in mind when I sit down. Sometimes I write […]

Taken at Dow’s Lake, this is a 5 image vertical pano taken with the Canon new 100mm f/2.8L Macro IS lens. The reason for the pano is simple, at a fixed 100mm I couldn’t get a clear shot of this tree without including lots of other trees and distracting foreground elements. So I got in […]

Thanks friends for sending Mel your support yesterday! Even though you may not know me, or her, the sentiment is truly appreciated – AWESOME!! The weekend here in Ottawa, and most of Ontario, looks like it’s going to be incredible – so I hope to get a good chance to take the camera out on […]

If you normally read this blog through a feed reader like Google Reader, maybe you can do me a solid a click-through to the site and hit the link I have at the top for the photoblog awards – and then vote for me.You will have to sign up for an account, which I promise […]

Didn’t do too much this weekend; Mel’s Grandmother passed away so we chilled and tried to do the things that would please her most, though very little could. I did jump at the chance to walk up to Dow’s Lake and check out Winterlude.I forget, sometimes, that I don’t live where I used to and […]

Obviously the second in my series of archive dug outs – and thematically also one at Dow’s Lake – maybe I’ll call these “Dows Docks”. Anyways, I wonder if, when Quinn gets older, I’ll be that lame dad who tells jokes that maybe people “get” but just aren’t funny. Actually, maybe I’m already that kinda […]

Instead of taking my time off to go outside, see the world, and take all those photos I complain about never taking, I spent all of yesterday watching the extended versions of the Lord of the Rings back-to-back. “I’d give anything for a whiff of old toby…”

I am totally going to print this up and sell it as a limited print full of mood and moodiness and title it “Dows Mist” to moody EMO parents.

Okay, so let me see if I can give everyone an update via the blog (if anyone still visits this). April – Moved to Ottawa, basically right into the Hospital, Mel was admitted on a Friday, and the following Friday Quinn was born (to thunderous applause). The Monday after Quinn fell out I started work […]