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The Coming

The Coming
Thanks friends for sending Mel your support yesterday! Even though you may not know me, or her, the sentiment is truly appreciated – AWESOME!!

The weekend here in Ottawa, and most of Ontario, looks like it’s going to be incredible – so I hope to get a good chance to take the camera out on a roam, probably find a few new spots since it’s been a while since I saw something new in this town.
More to the point, I’d like to take my TRIPOD out – I don’t do it enough and like, how I’ve previously said, the photos I take with LIGHT are better than those I don’t – the photos I take on a tripod are better than those I don’t. Mostly because I’m taking the time to conceptualize and see my shot, and also because I have these damn “shaky” coffee hands. A good ball-head certainly helps, and thanks to David DuChemin I’ve found a good one.

In his words: “I find I use my tripod more now because I hate it less!”.

3 thoughts on “The Coming

  1. Mom says:

    Love the lighting in this shot! Good capture.

  2. Justin Sperry says:

    It was on this day you publicly declared your man-crush on David…