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Another image from Montréal last weekend. I was standing in the street taking these exposures when a guy in a car pulled up. Naturally I assumed I was going to get some sort of security beat down (because I had a tripod), but it turned out this guy had his Nikon with him and popped […]

Like I said yesterday, Mel wanted to shop. Retail therapy is very soothing for a woman (call me a misogynist? If I took you shopping, would you spend my money? That’s right, thought so, especially you, Barb.). I was also introduced to Simons for the first time, I’m sure anyone who’s even been near there […]

Mel and I (and Quinn) went to Montréal this weekend. At first I thought maybe a change of scene involved touristy things – exploring, photos, long walks – but I quickly realized that was what I liked to do. Mel wanted to shop, but thankfully (for me) she was up for my roam through old-Montréal […]

I think parenthood means you don’t get weekends – or evenings. Every minute of free time Mel and I have is spent either going to the Hospital, spending time with Quinn, shopping for the house (an arduous weekly task that always ends in tragedy) and no super-fun computer time for JVL. I wouldn’t trade it […]

Montréal is awesome. This was my first trip to the great city and I loved it. My buddy Rainbow once told me that Montréal had the hottest girls in Canada – he’s likely right – though these things no longer phase me, I was just told he was right. This was also the first time […]