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Like I said yesterday, Mel wanted to shop. Retail therapy is very soothing for a woman (call me a misogynist? If I took you shopping, would you spend my money? That’s right, thought so, especially you, Barb.).

I was also introduced to Simons for the first time, I’m sure anyone who’s even been near there knows of it – it’s mecca for this years fashion. 3 floors of pure styles, women, girls, men, boys, it doesn’t matter, they have something that you NEED TO WEAR here. Now if only I had the sense to know what actually LOOKED good – I still think my Autobot logo T-shirt is dope.

4 thoughts on “Simons

  1. Calusarus says:

    The wide angle is an excellent choice.

  2. Sterling-Edward says:

    I have to say your totally getting it when it comes to using the given architecture to your advantage. Good use here brother. Love the motion in this picture.

  3. Barb says:

    Hey….is that me you are referring to????? 🙂 (And…cool pic btw.)

  4. Can-Dance says:

    HAHAHA…Even before I scrolled down to your description, I TOTALLY knew that was Simons in Montreal…is that bad?